Knowledge Base / How to upload large file to OnionLand Hosting

This tutorial will show you how to upload large file in OnionLand Hosting, using torified sftp.

Before reading this guide, we recommend you to read "How to connect sftp over Tor on Windows".

Uploading Large File over SFTP client

OnionLand Hosting has restricted limit of uploading large file using file manager, and it's sometimes that the file is unstable to upload over Tor Network. It is recommended that the file should be uploaded using torified sftp, as it provides partial file upload, meaning even if the file transimission gets abort in the middle, it can be started again at the location it's just stopped.

When you connect your hosting using torify sftp, navigate to the www files and upload the large file to the www main folder.

*Sometimes your sftp client shows fatal error in the log windows, you can ignore it because the sftp client will try to reconnect to our server and upload the remaining part of your file to our server.

Unzip the Large File over File Manager

If you upload a zip file to your hosting, you can connect to your file manager to unzip the file. To unzip your zip file, you can connect your file manager using tor browser, type in your credential to get access your file manager. Click the zip file and click the "unzip" button. The "Archive Unpacked" message will be shown when the zip file unzip successfully.